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Objectives of Education


The target and direction of NCKU Archaeology Institute


Four features of the programming of teaching and studying development

  1. Basic training for the foundation of archaeology major
  2. Historical archaeology for the deepening of local history
  3. Austronesian archaeological study for international communication
  4. Further improvement of the management and development of cultural heritage



Furthermore, because cultural heritage preservation act and relevant provisions are gradually amended and completed, Taiwan in future will need archaeological professionals up to ten times more than nowadays. The programming of the institute that lays emphasis on the combination of theory and field work, along with its integrated trainings, equips students with future developmental choices of both advanced study and employment.


About the curriculum structure: the primary focus is the substantial training of the learning ability of archaeology to cultivate excellent archaeological professionals, which is the basis. Upon the basis further extends the development for students into two professional curriculum groups which are “theory of archaeology” and “management of archaeological sites as cultural heritage”, cultivating the professional ability for students’ future development with the adaptation to their capability and character.



To reach the above goals, there is a need to give full play to those advantages of archaeology as the spanning of time, the integration of science & technology, and the great applicability, in combination with the basic theory and the trainings of field work ability that improve students’ competitiveness, and with the curriculum groups that cultivate students’ thinking mode to comprehend culture and history with broader perspectives.


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