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Course Planning

Our courses emphasize on the fundamental training for archaeological profession. In this regard, we have designed the “core courses” which include the mandatory and required courses. On this basis, we offer two advanced groups of courses, ”advanced theories of archaeology” and “cultural resource management of archaeological sites,” to provide students with the comprehensive knowledge and training for their future career in academic and related professions.


1. Length of Study: 2-4 years

2. Credits:

Full credits for degree: 28 credits, including: Compulsory credits: 13credits, and option/elective credits: 15 credits.

  Course Name Credits Remarks


(13 credits)
Archaeological Fieldwork and Practice(1): Archaeological Survey and Excavation Methods 2  
Archaeological Fieldwork and Practice(2): Fieldwork Practice 2 Fieldwork Practice will take place during the summer after the first year.
Archaeological Fieldwork and Practice(3): Analysis and Site Report Writing 2  
Archaeological Methods and Theories 3  
Advanced Archaeology of Taiwan 3  
Research Proposal and Dissertation Writing Skills 1  

Option or Elective

(15 credits)
Advanced Courses 7-9

The courses further divided into two programmes: Theories and Researches of Archaeology, and Archaeological Sites and Cultural Heritage Management.

Prospective students are able to choose one programme according to their abilities and interests, and select at least 3 courses from the programme.
Other Courses 6-8  
  Credits required for Master degree 28  


【Advanced Courses】

I. Theories and Researches of Archaeology

  Course Name Credits
Select 1 of 4 South China Archaeology 3
Archaeology of Southeast Asia and Beyond 3
The Archaeology of Southeast Asia: from the Neolithic to the Early Historical Period 3

Archaeology of Oceania   OR

Pacific Archaeology
or 2
Select 2 of 7 Ceramic Analysis 3
Technological Analysis of Pottery 3
Lithic Analysis 2

Biological Anthropology   OR

Human Osteology
Fauna Analysis in Archaeology 3
Spatial Analysis and Applications of GIS In Archeology 3
Environmental Archaeology 3


II. Archaeological Sites and Cultural Heritage Management

  Course Name Credits
Select 3 of 5

On-site conservation methods   OR

Site Survey and Conservation Practice   OR

Archaeological Site Management in Theory and Practice
Method and Theory in Museology 3
Archaeology and Cultural Heritage 3
Archaeological sites and museum 3
Museum and aboriginal culture 3


【Other Elective Courses】

Course Name Credits
Ethnography of Austronesian in Taiwan 3
Historical archaeology 2
Ethnoarchaeology 3
Archaeology of Ancient Civilizations 3
Archaeological Analyses and Practice 3
Archaeological Science 3
Indigenous Archaeology 2
Quantifying Archaeology-Basic Statistical Analysis for Archaeology 3
English for Professional Archaeology 1


Other restrictions:

All graduate students MUST have their master dissertation/thesis topic approved through the evaluation process before applying for oral examination (viva voce). The evaluation process of the dissertation/thesis topic CANNOT take place during the same semester as the oral examination.





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